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About Us

About our Founder

An Algebra teacher by trade, Dawn Nies is certified to teach all levels of secondary mathematics as well as history, English, and social sciences. A Tampa, FL native, she holds a Master’s degree in International Relations with a focus on National Security and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance.

Dawn created Grade Squad Overnight Homework Grading while working to bring efficiency to her students. “Math classes are always so rushed,” she says. “It’s heartbreaking to watch good students hurry to copy down solutions to the previous night’s homework and then, in the next moment, move on to the next lesson. I knew there had to be a way to make it just a little easier for these students and their busy parents.”
And thus Grade Squad Overnight Homework Grading was born with two primary goals:
  • Relieve students of the stress of the classroom rush and increase homework comprehension.
  • Relieve parents of the burden of costly and time consuming tutors or after school programs.

About our Mission

Grade Squad’s Life Purpose is to make math students comfortable and successful every single day.
Elementary math, pre-algebra, and algebra problems can be lengthy, and one mis-step early on changes every step along the way. Additionally, it’s hard for parents to find the time to check their child’s homework every night. Grade Squad bridges this gap by grading each question line-by-line and correcting errors while students, parents, and classroom teachers sleep. The first 10 minutes of class (time to check homework) now become true review for the student, rather than a last chance to learn before moving on. The student can relax and listen to the teacher explain the problems, rather than rushing to correct missed questions or copy down notes for later.

Grade Squad is staffed by experienced math teachers with a passion for watching students shine. We’ve done it the hard way and seen students struggle, rushing to copy homework solutions before moving on to the next lesson. We’ve discovered that there is a better way. Students don’t need more work, instead they need to be comfortable with their homework before class begins.