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Parent-Teacher Communication Part 3: The Conference

Parent-Teacher Communication Part 3: The Conference​Effective Communication Is Worth Its Weight In Gold ​I’m no traditional math teacher. I don’t wear wooden jewelry or floral print dresses. I don’t have schoolhouse, chalkboard, and apple art all over my classroom. I like things to be as simple as possible for my […]

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Parents: This Week In Math Class

This Week In Math Class Recently we looked at a typical workday for 7th grade pre-algebra teacher Ms. Stevenson, let’s look at her week from a curriculum standpoint. Ms. Stevenson has 50 minutes per class period, or 250 minutes per week with each student. At the behest of her district […]

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Parents: A Peek Behind The School Day Curtain

Hello Parents, I’d like to tell you a little bit about a teacher’s workday. It’s usually a long, rewarding, frustrating story, but I think it will help us draw some conclusions about the best ways for you to help your children. Let’s make it a Wednesday, and we’ll follow the […]

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Hybrid One On One/Virtual Tutoring Model For Tampa Families

Grade Squad’s New Hybrid Model One great thing about being a nimble company run by an experienced teacher with a military background is that Grade Squad can respond quickly to customer needs. Our customers asked for homeschool support, so we learned to speak homeschool. Now our Tampa based teachers are […]

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Monthly Unlimited Memberships Now Available!

Memberships Now Available! The people have spoken and Grade Squad has answered! Monthly, unlimited virtual math tutoring memberships are now available to all students. Public, private, and homeschool students can have their work graded by our certified teachers each and every school night for one flat rate. Additionally, we’re offering […]

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