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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you help parents and students who are homeschooling?
A: We make it easy for parents to ensure their children are on track and are completing their assignments correctly. We’ve found that a lot of parents become overwhelmed with their child’s math beginning in the middle school aged years. Overnight grading completely removes this burden.

Q: How will this help me during class?
A: The common math lesson model, based on a 50 minute class period, goes something like this:

  1. Short “bellwork”, a memory-jogging assignment on previous day’s lesson: 5 min
  2. Teacher grades homework and reviews commonly missed problems: 10 min
  3. New lesson building on previous day’s knowledge: 15 min
  4. Guided and independent practice: 15 min
  5. Assign and begin new homework: 5 min

With overnight grading, steps 1 and 2 become a review of what the student has already practiced rather than a last chance to re-learn the lesson before moving on. On homework questions which the student initially got incorrect, this is a chance to listen to the teacher explain the errors and ask questions, rather than hurrying to copy down homework notes for later study.

Q: How can I get the most out of Grade Squad?
A: It’s important that you upload your lesson notes for each homework assignment. Traditionally, classroom teachers will give notes and guided practice on each section before assigning classwork and homework. Also, there are often several ways to work out each type of algebra problem. By uploading your notes, our teachers can make sure to match their corrections to the method that your teachers prefer. Without class notes our teachers will make corrections using the most common methods for each lesson.

Q: Shouldn’t my teacher be doing this?
A: Great question! Your teacher actually can’t do this in a traditional classroom setting. On an average day when you bring your homework in to class you have about an hour to 1) check the homework, 2) figure out what was incorrect and where you went wrong, 3) learn a whole new lesson building on the previous day’s skills, and 4) practice the new lesson before getting more homework. Using overnight grading numbers 1 & 2 are already done! You know where, and most importantly why the mistake happened. You’re ahead of the game.

Q: Does this make it too easy?
A: Not at all. Just like a private tutor helps guide you through your mistakes and doesn’t do the work for you, we will not grade incomplete questions or work out unfinished questions. We will only check and correct questions that have been fully answered. Additionally, members can call us in the evening to get “unstuck” from a problem. That’s included with your membership. If the student is having a lot of trouble with a lesson, we can also schedule an online tutoring session using state-of-the-art learning tools. You’ll have to make the corrections on your own copy. Correcting your own work is, in itself, a teaching tool. (It’s also what most students do at the beginning of every class when the teacher goes over the homework.)

Q: What if I need extra help?
A: Members can call us in the evening to get “unstuck” from a problem. That’s 100% included with your membership. If the student is having a lot of trouble with a lesson, we can also schedule an online tutoring session using state-of-the-art learning tools. This combination of whiteboard, video, chat, voice, and file sharing allows for a more extensive session and is useful when a student has fallen behind or perhaps been absent from class and missed an important “building block” lesson.

Q: How is this superior to tutoring?
A: First, it’s significantly less expensive than private tutoring, which costs, on average, $45/hour. Also, you get to use the service each and every school night. Next, there’s nothing to schedule and no sessions to attend. Most importantly, you won’t be doing math in addition to what is assigned by your teacher. Instead, you’ll be working smarter to make sure you understand each assignment before you turn it it.

Q: What’s the catch?
A: That’s simple. We want to help you succeed. We want you to tell your classmates about us. If you take thorough notes and work out each problem before sending it to Grade Squad you’ll get fewer questions wrong than if you took lousy notes and showed no work. You’ll be right more often. Sounds just like your teacher, huh? That’s because we’re teachers too.

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