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The Best Curriculum Resources For Your Child

We teachers and tutors hear the same question from parents almost every day:

What else I can do from home to help my child achieve in math?
Well, the incredible connected-ness of our networked world can help us answer that question. Or it can provide so much information that making any sort of decision is near impossible. Here we’re endeavoring to bring you only the best one or two resources in every category. Because if you wanted to do hours of internet reading, learn about curriculum standards and math teaching methods, and try to figure it out on your own, you wouldn’t have asked us. So without further ado, here are the two best math resources for elementary grade students:

Traditional Written Work

For regular, paper based book work you absolutely can’t do any better than Math Mammoth. Generated by an absolute wizard of a teacher, Math Mammoth is the very best thing we’ve found for building concept knowledge and mastery. The low price ($37.50 for an entire year’s curriculum as PDF) is a bonus, but we’d recommend it at any price. For a full year’s curriculum buy the Light Blue. For summer break buy the Review Workbook. It’s about $5. If you’re not sure where to start call us at 813-421-4423 or contact one of our private tutors. We’ll talk with you about your child (no charge) and help you choose.

Online Adaptive Curriculum

For a supplemental computer based curriculum that may feel a little less like homework, we highly recommend dreambox. Dreambox can be used without any bookwork at all and is an online tool that’s also pretty reasonable (about $60 for 6 months at the time of this writing). Dreambox lessons adapt themselves to each student and allow you to monitor your child’s progress. So no matter what their level your child will feel like a success and then move into advanced lessons at their own pace.

Either Or Both?

If your little one is not bringing home a lot of homework and you’d like them to be challenged more, you can’t go wrong by supplementing their school work with Math Mammoth. If they already have plenty of math spread over the dining room table and you’d like something a little different to build or reinforce skills, then dreambox is a fantastic tool. Lastly, if you’re new to homeschooling or just looking for a new approach, using these two resources together is a fantastic way to create a rigorous and enjoyable curriculum for your child.
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