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How it Works

How it Works

1. Finish your math work completely using the techniques taught by your teacher or in your homeschool community. Sorry, we won’t do your homework for you, but you can call us if you get stuck. 🙂

2. Upload a scan or photo of your homework by 9 PM EST through our order page. PDF scans work the best, followed by high resolution photos from a camera or cell phone. You get ‘extra credit’ for uploading your class notes that go along with the lesson, because they allow our teachers to see which of many techniques your teacher prefers you to use when solving problems.

3. While you sleep, a U.S. certified teacher will grade your homework and email it back to the address you prefer.

4. Wake up and correct any errors you may have made.

5. Go to class and relax. Instead of rushing to copy down answers you get to pay closer attention to your teacher and truly use the beginning of class as a review. Take this time to ask questions before moving on to the next lesson.

Our Overnight Grading Schedule

Uploaded By Waiting In Your Email
Sunday, 9 PM EST Monday, 5 AM EST
Monday, 9 PM EST Tuesday, 5 AM EST
Tuesday, 9 PM EST Wednesday, 5 AM EST
Wednesday, 9 PM EST Thursday, 5 AM EST
Thursday, 9 PM EST Friday, 5 AM EST
Friday, All Day Monday, 5 AM EST
Saturday, All Day Monday, 5 AM EST

Our Two Hour Turn Around Grading Schedule

Upload your completed homework any time Sunday through Thursday from 5 PM to 9 PM. We will have it back to you within two hours!