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Hybrid One On One/Virtual Tutoring Model For Tampa Families

Grade Squad’s New Hybrid Model

One great thing about being a nimble company run by an experienced teacher with a military background is that Grade Squad can respond quickly to customer needs.

Our customers asked for homeschool support, so we learned to speak homeschool. Now our Tampa based teachers are working with local homeschool groups both in person and online to provide their students with top notch guidance and feedback on all things math.

Our customers wanted to use overnight virtual tutoring every night. So we gave them monthly unlimited grading memberships. Now students across the country can send us their classwork and homework each and every night. We’re receiving incredibly positive feedback from students about how much it helps to learn from their mistakes before moving on to the next lesson.

Now we’re going farther. Many Tampa Bay parents still want someone to work one-on-one with their children, but want that same person to look at their homework every other night of the week and provide feedback. As usual, the people have spoken and Grade Squad has responded! We are now partnered with Tampa Bay Math Tutoring to match Bay area students with a one-on-one tutor who will also provide online virtual tutoring the rest of the week. This is working out great for our clients!

For example, 6th grader Joe S. is a client of ours who left his learning center to give Grade Squad a try. Joe meets with his Tampa Bay Math tutor for an hour and a half every Friday. On Mondays -Thursdays he sends that same tutor his homework to check over and gets feedback overnight. Joe has raised his grade in math class from a 78% C+ to a 91% A in eight weeks. The best part is that he doesn’t spend hours each day at a learning center. As a bonus, his parents have saved a small fortune.

Parents, what else can we do for you? How can we help? Call us any time at 813-421-4423, or email info@gradesquad.com if you have questions about what we do or there’s a service you’d like to see us offer.

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