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For Parents: How to talk with the math teacher.

Parents: How to communicate most effectively with your child’s math teacher.

Life as a busy parent is full of challenges, and today we’re going to start looking at how to work through just one of them. Your child’s math teacher is almost certainly drowning in a sea of emails, planning paperwork, communication from “the office,” lesson plans, and required administrative reporting. For the time being we’ll leave the complete overhaul of our nation’s education system to someone else. Instead, let’s look at how you can make sure that your child is getting the best services that their teacher has to offer.

Right now you can do these things:

1. Go to your child’s school website and capture the names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers, extensions, and teacher website information for your child’s teachers and the “Chain of Command”, AKA the school pricipal or headmaster, the Assistant Principal for Curriculum, the head of the math department, team leaders, etc. Also grab contact info for the guidance counselor, because they usually handle or advise schedule changes.
2. Put this information into a spreadsheet or list that you can get to all year. Then, go grab the URLs for any online textbooks and the grade reporting/assignment tools which are becoming increasingly prevalent, along with their logins and passwords. You’ll want this info later because it’ll make communication faster for you if/when you have a question or dilemma.
3. Also gather up any welcome letters that may have come home at the beginning of the school year and print any email communication you’ve had with the math teacher so far.

This will get you ready to communicate with anyone and everyone. Next time we’ll talk about opening up a conversation that ends in a way that’s best for your child. See you soon!

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